Avoiding The Cash Flow Note Scam?

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Currently, on late night television and all over the internet, there is a “get rich quick” plan circulating about brokering cash flow notes. Is this a genuine scam? Pretty much.

In legal terms it is not fraud. The infomercials and internet ads do provide the purchaser with very expensive information and add on products. They are, in fact, providing a service for your payment, so it cannot be considered fraud. However, it is a scam.

You must first ask yourself: “Do I even know what a cash flow note is?” If you are like 98% of the population the answer will be no. You have a general idea from the commercial, but in reality there is not a clue to what this process entails. And that is what makes it a scam. The purveyors of this product make the product sound great when it really is nothing but hype.

Cash flow notes are generally brokered in banks and financial institutions. It is the buying and selling of future payments generally based on real estate ventures and mortgages. If the mortgage crisis sounds familiar than you understand what cash flow brokering is in reality.

Ask yourself: If the banks can fail at this practice, how easy will it be for someone with no experience to break into the business. When you answer that question truthfully you will see why the program is a scam.

The cash flow scam is real. These companies charge you thousands of dollars for booklets and cd’s filled with fluff and not real information. They fill you with hopes and dreams, but no logical way to obtain them. They offer to continue to sell you more products each time you become disillusioned with the product.

See, the real money in the cash flow system is not selling notes, it is selling the information.

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