Famous Toupee Wearers

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Most famous stars have their own image that they must take care of so that they will uphold their status in life that they worked so hard to achieve. In a perfect world, a toupee is impossible to tell apart from distinctive hair. If worn with a distinct quantity of delicacy, this will commendably conceal a man’s baldness.  Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world, and often times the fact that a famous person wears a toupee may become publicly known. This has happend over the years in the case of  movie stars, superstars and politicians; they must continue the even inquiry of a media that makes masking a toupee extremely difficulty.   There are so many reasons why they’re wearing such thing on their head maybe because of personal reason, for fashion, or merely part of their job.

Here are some of the famous people that wear toupees but names will not be mentioned:

  1. This actor is already experiencing thinning of hairline. It all started way back in his TV series entitled “Star Trek”. In the year 1970, he underwent hair reforming; this emerges less likely the real hair and more like a Tribble. Many viewers were able to notice his toupee during various films and TV shows.
  2. The next actor which not often made any furtive concerns his baldness.  When his onscreen, he wears his hair piece to cover the baldness. For some job, the toupee was very fine especially if you have the image that must be taking cared of; depicting his male pattern baldness more or less unseen.  However for some people, having this is kind of distracting.
  3. Several politicians are wearing toupees so that they will better on and off the screen.  It is also part of their image as they project their selves to the public.  We’re very much aware how appearance plays an important role in man’s life. This third man with hair piece is an ex- Congressman that represented the 17th District of Ohio for almost 17 years. It was in the year 2002, when he was debarred in the congress and condemned due to several crimes. He was on the rampage from prison in 2009.  It was only after his imprisonment when the issue about his hair piece came out but the extent of this issue was not that big compare to the crimes that he committed.

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